Digital Printing

Design and Printing Services uses state-of-art digital printing technology that provides:

  • Advanced variable data possibilities
  • Reduced printing costs with minimal waste
  • Highest resolution quality possible
  • Quicker turn times
  • Color enhancement at the press
Download Preset

How to upload a new preset in Adobe InDesign?

  1. Open InDesign; navigate to Adobe PDF Presets
    File > Adobe PDF Presets > Define.
  2. Load the PDF presets
    Click on the Load button and navigate to the settings. Select dps-digital-9-30-20 and click on the open button and then the Done button. Once the setting is loaded, you are ready to export a PDF.
  3. Export to a PDF file using the preset
    File > Export…, > dps-digital-9-30-20 > Export PDF.

For further guidance download a PDF of the instructions.