and Direct Mail

Design and Printing Services’ in-house facility fulfills direct mail projects with addressing, tabbing, and high-speed envelope inserting services for on- and off-campus destinations. Direct mail sent using the nonprofit permit is presorted and prepared in-house to expedite mailing from the post office, reduce delivery cost, and save on postage.

Direct mail postage options

First class (stamps or metered)
Faster delivery service than standard or nonprofit.
No minimum quantity. No restriction on content.

Nonprofit (metered or permit imprint)
Minimum of 200 pieces. Address certification and presort required. No advertising allowed.

Address certification (presort mailings)

Design and Printing Services certifies all distribution lists that qualify for discounted (presort) mailing using National Change of Address (NCOALink). This “cleansing” process weeds out undeliverable mail and is required by the United States Postal Service. NCOA makes change-of-address information available to help ensure that each mail piece reaches its target destination, reduce undeliverable mail pieces, and save postage. Notify your project coordinator if you would like a cleansed version of the distribution list returned to you.

How it works: Addresses on your list are checked against a secure data set of permanent USPS change-of-address records. The data set includes names and addresses of individuals, families, and businesses who have filed a change-of-address request with the USPS.

For more information, please contact a project coordinator.

Mailing lists

  1. Set up your database in Microsoft Excel. Download an example distribution database.
  2. Save multiple lists as a single file. Our mailing specialist can remove duplicate names upon request.
  3. Submit your distribution list to your project coordinator using the link provided in your sales order. Do not email any files containing personal data including email and physical addresses.